Blue for Bruges.

What colour are you? Blue. Blue for the sea, for the sky. Blue for the night. My eyes are blue. My colour is blue. I was one of them. Blue for Bruges. Nobody really cared about my favourite colour. They were partying and I was photographing them, framing their memories.

The best day of my life! I’m happy I lived to see this day! 
Foam coming out of the boy’s mouth. I am sooo happy! Stomp, face flat on the floor. Yeah…
What colour are you? Yeah, drink some beer with us. Have a spare fag? 

Marry me! - a woman screamed. Yes you, marry me! 
I smiled and photographed her.
Here, drink. And she handed me a 50cl can of Jupiler. Thank you - I replied. 

Happy faces. Scary faces. Laughing faces. Puzzled faces. 
Soooo happy…

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