"And by the power of a word
I start my life
I was born to meet you
To call you

"Do what your heart says, not what has to be done"

These are some of the writings on the walls of the abandoned house where I shot this project. So many lives, so many people, so many experiences. And so much to learn! To finally grow in Consciousness and forget everything that we have learned...
Nothing that we know lasts forever.  
 Over the course of a month I photographed several girls in the same setting, an abandoned house where a homeless girl slept. I never got the chance to meet her as I have never found her. I respected her place, a room where she kept her bags and a mattress. The idea for this project started off by creating a visual representation of the image that we project, not who or what we are.  We are all victims  of the circumstances we create by believing in them. And thus we live an illusion, a projection of what we are not.

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