Covid19. It is certainly changing our lives.
It's not te first time that I find myself confined to my house for reasons that I cannot account for. This time, a pandemic. Affecting the whole world, and most definitely forcing us to reshape our lives and review our priorities - which in the end I believe will contribute to our growth in humanity, in peace and love.
Mind you, the planet is brighter already!
I don't know how much longer it'll take to overcome the pandemic, but that too depends on our behaviour as individuals and as a part of the whole. 
We are all responsible! 
And this time not just for our lives but for the lives of others. Time to think and understand that what you do affects others. Awake in awareness. Be responsible.

Fill your heart with joy because you matter! Be the stork that observes. Stay home.

Let your actions speak for yourself. Staying home is an opportunity to spend time with your family, to grow in love and awareness. To feel grateful for all that you have. Make the best of this opportunity and be the better version of yourself. And remember, we are all, all over the planet, experiencing a common affliction. It's not "our neighbour's war".
You matter! You are important!
Acknowledge this. Be love. Be a light in the world.
From my veranda. Looking out and looking within.

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