Fernando Pessoa wrote in his book Message “The endless sea is portuguese”.
The Sea is the source of life and inspiration for the portuguese, and to be portuguese rests in the soul and in the heart. The portuguese sailors opened seas where there were no oceans, carrying our experiences and culture, our knowledge and ways, in exchange and acceptance of others.

Our fishermen are an example of the legacy of courage, faith and perseverance, that has always encouraged the Portuguese people face the dangers and difficulties, consecrating the hope that you can beat the odds and make for a better world.

Heroes of the Sea is a photographic project about people and life, about the portuguese soul, about a people of faith, sun and sea. For this project I went from north to south of Portugal to photograph the work and life of fishermen and their families, the ceremonies to honour the patron saints of the fishermen, their victories, the fear, the waiting. My goal was to capture in the images of today the inheritance of the identity of the heroes of the sea, in whose veins still runs the courage and the desire for adventure of their ancestors, which have always characterised the Portuguese soul.

This project has been awarded and exhibited in NY - Brooklyn and Times Square, Vienna, Italy and Portugal.

A book with over 100 images has been published. If you wish to acquire the book, please fill in the contact form. Thank you.

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