We arrive at Kathmandu airport, Nepal’s domestic flights terminal. Destination: Lukla.
At the domestic terminal the goats promenade freely between the passengers, bags, police officers and other personnel from the airport. We’re ready to embark! 
We’re flying with Sita Air. I must confess it was a unique experience for most of the passengers, including myself. 14 in total. There’s not much room so I’m flying with my bag on my lap.
The plane takes off pushing the dense fog. I’m sitting immediately behind the pilote so that I can photograph. 
Now and again the plane takes a hard turn, either right or left, and we slide pass enormous mountains camouflaged by the fog. 
At Lukla airport, the landing strip goes all the way up the mountain. No brakes needed to bring the plane to a halt. The take off is another story… The plane slides down the mountain, full speed. It reminded me of the Flintstones’ carts I used to build with my brother to push down the road, with a much expected ending… both of us lying flat on the floor. 
Lukla is probably one of the most populated villages as it is just a short walk from the airport. The first real feel of the Himalayas! 
Although it was my first time in Nepal, it felt very familiar, and I would soon find out why, farther up in the mountains…
The rhythm of my heart followed the wind. Thoughts start to fade. You can only feel the weight of your mind until you let go. And most of us carry tons of useless garbage… 
Namaste!, a sherpa porter saluted me. This word and its concept was totally new to me. Namaste, the god in me salutes the god in you - he said. Namaste, I replied. 
“Hire a porter, hire a friend!” This porter would join our group and accompany us until the end of the journey. We became very good friends. And he taught me a lot. The sherpa porters are the real, anonymous heroes of the Himalayas!
Namaste! Thank you.

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