The boy was gaily playing with his kite. A beautiful image.
I was so happy I joined him humming his song. The kite opened its wings and flew even more vigorously as if rejoicing with our two voices singing together.
Kathmandu. What a beautiful, poetic city, an old portrait of the hippy movement of the sixties. Incense sticks burning all over the place, here and there mixed with a sent of marijuana.  
Wanna visit the city? - the man in the rickshaw asked.
Later, thank you - I told him as I turned round to photograph a snake charmer. 
Money, money - he told me pointing to my camera. 
To his displeasure I told him “Little money, sorry” and kept walking. In fact I didn’t even photograph him as I was more interested in photographing a mother with two toddlers staring at me.

The streets of Kathmandu are so alive! Everybody is busy with something. Even the stray dogs and cats look busy, eating scraps here and there. Busy people running errands, markets, stores, medical clinics and dentist shops, street barbers, holy men, even the electric cables hanging over our heads embellish the streets - or our way of experiencing them. 
Nepalese people look you straight in the eye, nothing to hide. It makes me feel so alive! Such openness! I exist, their eyes say. And we don’t need any words to communicate.

This trip was before the earthquake. 
My prayers to the nepalese people and to all the beautiful people and organisations that over the years have been doing their best to help them.
Every little contribution helps. Let us all make for a better world! Today!

This portfolio was awarded in NY - Important Artists of the World, 2012 and published in the book “International Masters of Photography”.
Please email me if you’re interested in acquiring any image from this collection. 50% of the money will revert in favour of the nepalese people. 

From Kathmandu I flew to the Himalayas. 
Follow my experience in the mountains over the clouds!

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