Les Grands Vacances.
I found this title very suggestive when I first read the book by Doisneau Pennac, back in my teenagehood.
I'm using the same title now for it suits my purpose.
After some 20 years I met a girlfriend very dear to me. During the course of those 20 long years we never communicated. But for the teenage ties, we were strangers.
Let's have a coffee, I asked over the phone.
Are you still in Cascais? Next time I go there I'll give you a shout.
And so, a week later, we were meeting.
One hour to catch up and it felt like we had never been apart.
In the old days you'd be riding a motorbike.
I smiled and said nothing. And I walk her to her car.
This is my ride - I tell her.
Now it really feels like you haven't changed at all - she replies merrily. Just that your motorbike now is bigger!
I'm leaving tomorrow to Peru. I'll call you when I get back.
A year has passed. We've just returned from the Mauritius, to where we flew back and forth through the rain drops without getting wet, thus escaping the Covid19.
Our holidays to celebrate our first year together. And my birthday.
This life is a magical dream. 
Be happy. Be patient. Everything comes to you in its due time.
Thank you

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