Stavanger region.
This life is a one big experience.
I take the less travelled roads. After riding on unpaved roads and winding narrow mountain roads for more than 1h30 I decide to take a faster road to Stavanger.
As I set out travelling and discovering new places, I am also discovering myself. And this trip has been a highway to Samadhi (direct, pure consciousness of being).

Day breaks without setting completely. It touches the line of the horizon and “reverts its march”… 24 hours of day light! I open the door of my “portable home” to a dazzling landscape. I breathe in the fresh air and feel very grateful for being here.

God, make us willing to continue on as pilgrims towards the goals You have set for our lives - this was part of the prayer to celebrate Saint James day, dedicated to the pilgrims. Again I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the service, this time at Trondheim’s Nidaros Cathedral.  

I cooked my dinner and as I was washing up my plate I drop it and break it. The couple sitting with me laugh and say it’s a sign of good luck… 

Flam to Alesund, 340 kilometres and a series of ferry crossings… 
There’s a strong drive to be on the road. The adventure, the freedom, the discovering, the quiet and the aloneness. 
In Norway it’s easy to feel like a mole, crossing kilometres of tunnels after tunnels. The temperature drops radically. The sun is not invited in so there’s no natural light, no prana. The road is wet. Going deeper and deeper into the earth, deeper and deeper into my Self.

After the great fire in 1904 that burned a great part of the city, the city was rebuilt rapidly, thanks to a joint effort and the contribution of many wealthy foreigners, namely a known alpinist, that felt in their heart to lend a hand. The city was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style.
Alesund is also the fishing capital city of Norway. I wanted to photograph the big fish but to my surprise there’s no fish market. The fish is bought directly from the boats when they reach the docks. 
The day is grey. And foggy. And cold. And I am staying!

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