The walking trees
The walking trees
A portfolio tells a story. This story is about my visit to the town of Puerto Maldonado and the Peruvian Amazonia.
As most Peruvian cities that I’ve visited, the city lives around the Plaza de Armas, where we can find everything. And Puerto Maldonado is no exception.
I take the night bus and arrive Puerto Maldonado just before day break. From Puerto Maldonado I’m taking a boat to the jungle where I’ll be staying in a lodge. I was told that electric power is limited to 4 hours per day, if all goes well and there are no storms…

Second night at the lodge. Very cold and stormy. Swords of flaming light enter my room, animate the shadows and tuck me in. But I’m not ready to sleep… The wind joined the party, dancing with the mosquito net that brushes against my face. In the dark I can’t find the blankets. It’s raining cats and dogs. And trees.

To escape from the fear of the mighty thunderstorm and its ghosts, my mind entertains me with thoughts that arose me.

Amazonia impressed me mostly because of its frailty. The “lung of the Planet”, so important and vital to maintain the conditions we need to survive, is so fragile. The enormous trees don’t have deep roots and the soil, despite all the vegetation, lacks nutrients. Meanwhile the mineral industry is armwrestling with the tourism industry.
I met the walking trees, felt their pull towards other walking trees with whom they end up joining in a beautiful embrace. They walk slowly towards each other, over the years, until they finally meet and bond. For life. So much to learn from Nature! And yet we think we know better.

Awe and sadness. That’s what I’m feeling. And much gratitude.
I sailed the Amazonian river at night. I experienced a mighty thunderstorm. Saw large families of monkeys. Met the walking trees. Learnt about the Amazonian forest. Made good friends. Laughed. More and more I learn to feel beyond the senses, enjoy and see the beauty that surrounds us all.
There’s so much Love. And I choose Love. It makes all the difference.

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