Using the Village Hotel as my base camp. I have visited the fair that Penelope had told me about, in Strâmtura, road DJ186, Strada Principala 186.
A must, she told me. And so it is! I’ve always loved visiting fairs, looking at people, observe the sellers, the setting of the stalls, the way in which the market is organized. And  yes, my attraction to the gypsy life
I hardly had the time to park my bike before I started shooting.
 made friends with ‘the big paws man’, XXXL size hands. He merrily squeezed my fingers. Everybody was laughing, me included. I grabbed my GoPro camera and filmed the handshake. Yes, I went for the second round to try and film it properly. Again he didn’t wait and, in a moment of distraction when I lowered my eyes to set the camera, he grabs my fingers. And he laughs full heartedly. And so do I!

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