The Rainbow mountain, altitude 5036 metres.
My legs were feeling heavy. 
Here, chew this. Coca leaves, it'll give you strength.
Thank you.
We smiled. Cross paths. Two girls coming down, me going up. Three smiles. Three versions of the same story.
The romanticised memory of my Sherpa friend whispered in my ears "zaon bistari bistari, walk slowly, forget about the girls". So I kept walking, chewing the bitter leaves.
Joana, Ana, Bárbara, Vera gata, Isabelinha... All of them in one being. Just you. Today I choose you. And if another muse crosses my path, I confess I probably wouldn't resist. But my love, it would be just once in my life. Or maybe two but no more than three... (Lenine, "Todas juntas num só ser") 
 This song reminds me of you - my girlfriend told me. And we smile. Not the smile I exchanged with the other two girls. 
Just you - I tell her. Só você.
I love this portfolio. Probably more than the memory of the experience. And it was a beautiful day!

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